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Hi! My name is Su-Chin Lin (pronunciation: shu-jiň lin), 林書瑾. I’m a master student at National Taiwan University, majoring in Computer Science. My current research interests include Network Security, DDoS Mitigation, Web Security and Privacy. In addition, I’ve also played some CTF competitions in our team Balsn. You can reach me via dongsheoil /AT/ gmail /DOT/ com. You can write the mail in Chinese, English or Taiwanese.

Selected Projects


A command line interface wrapper for HP 1820 J9979A switch
python command-line-tool


Create a share channel for your two Slack workspaces
nodejs slack


Implementation of classical computer game NS-SHAFT in Qt 5.8
c++ qt

Balsn CTF Writeup Website

A responsive website for people to read our CTF writeups
html css javascript